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Custom Therapies with Compounding

Here at Apothicare 360 Pharmacy, we have made compounding our specialty. We specialize in compounding that makes your prescriptions unique to you. Whether you have 2 legs or 4, we know that not everyone’s the same and that’s what makes everyone unique. Below are some of the categories that we focus on to help restore balance and put your or your pet’s life back on track. 

BioToxic Mold Therapies
Dental Care
ENT Care
(Ears Nose and Throat)
Hormone Restoration for Men Including Low-T & ED
Migraine Therapy
Palliative Care
Pain Management
Sports Therapy
Thyroid Hormone Therapy
Veterinary Care
Wound & Healing

Dosage Form Specialties

Light blue and white capsules
Opened green capsule with white powder inside
Nasal Rinse Capsules
Dog being offered a compounded chew treat
Chew Treats
Nasal spray bottle
Nasal Sprays
Clear topical gel
Topical Creams / Ointments / Gels
Rapid dissolve tablets
Rapid Dissolve Tablet
Weight boat with white powder being weighed on a scale
Topical Powders
Mini tablets
Mini Tabs
Amber bottle
Solutions / Suspensions
Troche mold being filled with a syringe
Cream pump
Transdermal Cream Preparations
If You Can Think It, We Can Make It, We have Highly Trained Pharmacists and Clinical Staff To Help With The Process Along The Way.
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