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Pain management and comfort during medical procedures are vital for your overall well-being. At ApothiCare 360, we specialize in crafting customized anesthetic formulations tailored to provide optimal relief and comfort according to your specific needs.

Understanding Anesthetics

Anesthetics are crucial in alleviating pain and discomfort during surgeries, medical treatments, or for managing chronic pain. However, generic options might not always meet individual needs. Our specialized compounding services offer solutions tailored to your unique circumstances.

Customized Anesthetic Solutions

Collaborating closely with healthcare professionals, we design personalized anesthetic formulations that precisely meet your pain management requirements. This tailored approach combines our pharmaceutical expertise with personalized care to deliver effective and targeted relief.

How to Get Started

  • Consult Your Healthcare Provider: Schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider to discuss your pain management needs and explore the possibility of compounded anesthetics. Inform them about ApothiCare 360's specialized compounding services.

  • Request a Prescription: If your healthcare provider agrees that compounded anesthetics might be beneficial for you, request that they send a prescription to ApothiCare 360 detailing the specific compounded formulation required.

  • Collaboration with ApothiCare 360: Once we receive the prescription, our experienced compounding pharmacists will begin formulating your personalized anesthetic as per the provided instructions.

Benefits of Compounded Anesthetics

  • Personalized Formulations: Tailored to address your specific pain management needs, our compounded anesthetics prioritize your comfort.

  • Custom Dosage Strengths: We create precise dosage strengths to ensure optimal pain relief without compromising safety.

  • Alternative Application Forms: We offer alternative forms like creams, gels, or patches if traditional delivery methods pose challenges or if you have specific preferences.

  • Combination Formulas: For patients needing multiple types of anesthetics or adjunct therapies, we can formulate combinations to simplify your treatment regimen.

Why Choose ApothiCare 360?

  • Expertise: Our pharmacists possess extensive expertise in formulating tailored anesthetics to meet diverse needs.

  • Quality Assurance: We adhere to stringent quality standards, using top-grade ingredients to ensure the safety and efficacy of our compounded medications.

  • Personalized Care: Your comfort and well-being are our priorities. We're committed to providing individualized attention throughout your pain management journey.

Don't let discomfort hinder your health or quality of life. Contact ApothiCare 360 today to explore how our personalized compounded anesthetic treatments can offer you the comfort and relief you deserve. Remember, consult your healthcare provider to initiate the process and obtain a prescription for compounded anesthetics.

Commonly Requested Compounds for


  • Benzocaine 20%/Lidocaine 8%/ Tetracaine 4% Cream 

  • Benzocaine 20%/Lidocaine 10%/ Tetracaine 10%/Phenylepherine 0.01% Cream 

  • Benzocaine 20%/Lidocaine 6%/ Tetracaine 4%/Phenylepherine 0.01% Cream

These medication require a prescription

Ways to fill with us

  • Have your prescriber send in a prescription

  • Mail in the original prescription

  • Transfer the prescription from another pharmacy

Custom Therapies with Compounding

Here at Apothicare 360 Pharmacy, we have made compounding our specialty. We specialize in compounding that makes your prescriptions unique to you. Whether you have 2 legs or 4, we know that not everyone’s the same and that’s what makes everyone unique. Below are some of the categories that we focus on to help restore balance and put your or your pet’s life back on track. 

(Ears Nose and Throat)
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Apothicare 360 Pharmacy is more than just your average pharmacy. 

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